SolarStorm 400 Watt LED Plant Grow Light

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If you want the very best in the newest technology to hit the market, take a look at the SolarStorm line of LED grow lights by California Lightworks. You won't be disappointed! Matter of fact, you'll be amazed and impressed with the features and how it works. The SolarStorm grow lights by California Lightworks provides your plants with the color spectrum they need to do their very best.

One of the best parts about this 400 watt LED plant grow light is the low energy usage. You'll save over 50% in energy costs every month and get incredible performance that goes above and beyond High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lights. This light is perfect for all types of plants, and if you're looking to justify the cost, read on!


Why Should I Consider The SolarStorm 400 Watt LED Plant Grow Light?

Not all grow lights are created equal, and you'll soon find that outdated lights like HPS and MH are having a serious impact on your energy costs. Not only that, they run extremely hot and could even start fires in an indoor setting. Who wants that? Thousands of people have made the switch to LED grow lights, and we think it's high time you did too! This line of grow lights will outperform outdated lights you may be used to using, guaranteed!

Tell Me About The Features Of The SolarStorm 400 Watt Grow Light!

  • 400 Watt Power Supply
  • Built In 2 X 18" T8 UVB Lights For Increased Growing Strength
  • 80 X 5 Watt LED Emitters
  • Blooming/Vegetative State Control
  • Most Powerful LED Panel Ever
  • Complete Color Spectrum - Red, Deep Red, Blue, Deep Blue, Warm White and UVB
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Proudly Made In The United States By California Lightworks

Vegetation/Bloom Switch

Vegetation/Bloom Switch

Any Additional Details I Should Know?

Yes! The SolarStorm 400 Watt LED plant grow light has an average life expectancy of over 80,000 hours! Imagine the money you're saving by buying this light! That's over 8 years of trouble free, maintenance free use! It doesn't get any better than this. Everyone else is cashing in on the new LED light technology, don't you think you should too?

If you're looking for real life results, look no further than the There are tons of user experiences there to give you an idea of what you can expect with this light. Remember, the SolarFlare and SolarStorm line of grow lights are perfect for all plants.

All of California Lightworks lights are fitted with OptiGrow technology that provides a spectrum of light that plants use most and none of what they don't. They also run cool to the touch, and that means no more fire hazards in your precious homes!

SolarStorm 400 Watt LED Plant Grow Light

Actual User Testimonials

"I've used all kinds of grow lights in the past. From fluorescent to sodium bulbs to halide. Never have I come across such a great deal as the 400 Watt SolarStorm. If you want the very best in value for your money, and want a grow light that's going to last years and not months, you really can't do better than this. This is a solid buy that's even been rated highly by plant growing magazines. Thank you California Lightworks!"

Tod, Saint Paul, Minnesota


"Earlier this year, I tried LED lights out for the first time. My first purchase was the SolarFlare 200 Watt Full Spectrum. It did a good job, but I knew my plants needed more power. So I stepped up to the SolarStorm 400 Watt light and haven't looked back. It provides me with all the power I need and does it affordably. This is the best plant grow light I've ever owned, hands down!"

Eddy, Terra Haute, Indiana

3 Year Warranty Free Of Charge!

A 3 year warranty comes with this light absolutely free of charge. You can make the best of your indoor horticulture and never have to be a victim of factory defects. California Lightworks stands behind their products and will honor any warranty that's within the 3 year agreement.


So What's It Going To Be?

You have your choice of grow lights. You could go with high pressure sodium, fluorescent, or metal halide, but you're going to have to replace them over and over again. That costs tons of money! With the SolarStorm and SolarFlare line of grow lights, you won't have to replace them for nearly 8 years. Imagine that! So when you're ready for the super high quality LED plant grow light of the future, consider the SolarStorm 400 watt LED plant grow light with OptiGrow technology. You won't be disappointed!